Chris Ewin, MD, FAAFP
President & Founder

A new approach to personalized medicine.

Our Premise: the predominant health care model in our country is burdensome and may have a negative effect on patients and health care providers.

Our Solution: provide timely access to patient-centered care at a reasonable cost. By design, 121MD physicians treat hundreds, as opposed to thousands, of patients, enabling them to deliver timely, highly personal and comprehensive services.

Our Services:
provide the patient and his/her dependents with primary care on a fixed cost basis, utilizing pre-tax dollars (in many cases).

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Suite 460
Fort Worth, TX 76109
Ph: 817.423.5121
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The content on this website is for informational purposes. The precise nature and scope of services to be provided are set forth in the Medical Services Agreement (MSA), which is available in 121MD offices. In the event of any conflict between the preceding and the MSA, the MSA will prevail. One To One MD, P.A. is not an insurance company or product.

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