Chris Ewin, M.D. is a board-certified family physician, and was born in Alexandria, Louisiana. He developed an interest in medicine working at his father's surgery office. He received his bachelor's and medical degrees from Tulane University in New Orleans. After completing his first internship in Pediatrics at Charity Hospital, Dr. Ewin worked in Montego Bay, Jamaica as a District Medical Officer serving a population of 39,000 in his district. He worked in multiple clinics, and supervised fourth-year medical students on rotation as an Assistant Professor in Community Medicine at Tulane University. He completed his Family Practice residency at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas. Dr. Ewin was in private practice for 10 years. He was an early adopter of direct primary care, starting his practice with 2 patients in 2003.
He is a member of the Texas Medical Association, Tarrant County Medical Society, American Academy of Family Physicians, Texas Academy of Family Physicians, and the Tarrant County Academy of Family Physicians.

Community Service:
Dr. Ewin served as Co-Chairman of 2 Capital Campaigns to build All Saints Episcopal School in Fort Worth, and was Chairman of the Capital Campaign to build the Tarrant County Medical Society building in Fort Worth.

Dr. Ewin is married to his lovely wife Kelly Ann, and has 4 daughters and 5 grandchildren.

Direct Primary Care Is Not Medical Care.
As an early adopter and national leader of direct primary care, Dr. Ewin believes strongly in working one on one for his patients. It is well documented that providing easy access to preventive services and early treatment of acute illnesses results in tremendous cost savings. More importantly, with smaller practices, DPC physicians are the true "medical home."
One of his first patients asked him why he could not use his new Health Savings Account to pay for his services. This started a journey to work towards a solution to the Primary Care Systems Problem we have in the United States. In 2004, he became a board member of the newly formed American Society of Concierge Physicians, and subsequently President of the Society for Innovative Medical Practice Design (previously ASCP) from 2006-07, which is presently the American Academy of Private Physicians.
It took two years to discover that DPC was not considered "Medical Care" by the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, and therefore not a "Qualified Medical Expense" on Health Savings Accounts. With the assistance of Roy Ramthun, Mr. HSA and past Senior Healthcare Policy Advisor for President Bush, they crafted an amendment that would codify DPC as "medical care." It has been included in previous bills in various forms. Primary care physicians take care of ~80-85% of patient's needs. Coupled with an HSA, DPC is a consumer driven solution to healthcare. Think of it - a monthly, transparent fee for unlimited access to primary care on pretax dollars. That coupled with a major medical plan is a real game changer in terms of saving this country billions of dollars.
In January 2017, a bipartisan bill was introduced by Congressmen Erik Paulson (R-Minn) and Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-Or) {H.R. 365 - Primary Care Enhancement Act of 2017}, and Senator Bill Cassidy (R-La) {S. 191 - Patient Freedom Act of 2017} and includes an amendment to codify DPC as "medical care."
Tactically, Dr. Ewin feels DPC physicians may be part of a strategic, innovative solution to eliminate the waste of tax payer dollars on administrative costs for VA hospitals, Medicaid, Medicare, etc.
Patients want (and will pay for) access to quality care at the cost of their choosing for the services offered. If a DPC physician wanted to open a practice across the street from a VA hospital, Dr. Ewin is certain that Veterans would gladly pay a monthly fee to have access to care. Further, he believes a "Health Stamp," similar to a food stamp, would be a creative way to help Veterans and people in real need of access to healthcare. He notes the terms "Concierge Medicine" and "Direct Primary Care" are interchangeable.

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