The Mission of 121MD: to provide easy access to preventive services and early treatment of acute illnesses in order to maintain patients’ health and improve their quality of life.

In today’s frustrating managed medical system, it seems that the primary focus of personal health care has become lost. Doctor-to-patient ratios are soaring, office waits and time lost from work have increased, costs of healthcare premiums are rising while employee benefits continue to erode.

121MD has created a better solution. 121MD is an innovation in personalized health care. Patients pay a reasonable, monthly retainer fee to have affordable, convenient access to care from their personal physician – resulting in healthier, happier more productive lives.

Some Benefits of 121MD:

  • One-to-one relationship with your doctor
  • Prompt access to your doctor
  • Unlimited office visits with no co-pay
  • Little or no waiting time in the office
  • Focus on preventive care
  • Unhurried atmosphere
  • Services may be purchased with pre-tax dollars
  • Wellness consultations
  • Free online consultations, general messages, prescription refills and appointment scheduling


121MD is not an insurance company or product. 121MD physicians market their services under the 121MD name.


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